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How to Order a Wells Guitar

Bay State Brazilian Excelsior
Bay State Millenium 12 String
Bay State Multi-Scale #2
Bay State Multi-Scale
Bay State Tremont Cutaway
The Bay State Baseball Guitar
Bay State Tilton Renaissance

Bay State Ditson in Brazilian Rosewood
Bay State Somerville Koa
Bay State Kiley Evans Signature Guitar
Koa Mediterranean
Bay State Monarch
The Ultralite D
The Workingman's Guitar
The Home DePaul!
A Unique Mediterranean Guitar
An Unusual Student Guitar
Two Ukuleles
Caribbean Quilted Mahogany 13
Travel Guitar
Caribbean 13s

Withers' Atlantic 12

Mediterranean Angel 12

Pacific D
Pacific Special D

Indian Ship
Mediterranean Reverse Wedge
Caribbean 13
Atlantic Cutaway Supreme
Quilted Maple Telecaster
A Carved Top Electric
A Couple of Electrics
Pacific Special
Mediterranean Sunburst
Atlantic DeLuxe
Caribbean 12
Quilted Maple Stratocaster
Quilted Mahogany Stratocaster
Mediterranean w/Birds
Jim Dulfer's Mediterranean
Caribbean Feminine
Quilted Maple Archtop
Golden Archtop